Company Profile

Mind The Net Goaltending was founded in the spring of 2004, by Travis Harrington and Ian Robertson, with the idea of providing elite goalies from Saskatchewan a goalie school that would meet their needs, within Saskatchewan. The main goal of MTN Goaltending is to help develop the elite goaltending talent to raise the profile of Saskatchewan goalies. You will not find a goalie school in Canada that operates the way we do. We have placed a huge focus on providing the most comprehensive and personalized goalie school experience possible. With our Top Prospects program, catering to established Midget "AAA" goalies up to college and pro ranks, we only accept six goalies per camp. Coupled with our usual 2:1 goalie to instructor ratio you will be hard pressed to find a more personalized experience. This personalized experience is why over 85% of all Top Prospects students, that have gone through our program, have made at least one significant jump in level of elite hockey, not to mention how many went on to career years.


The name, Mind The Net, is also an indication of the emphasis we place on the mental training and preparation aspects that come with being an elite goalie. We cover topics ranging from visualization and self-talk to game/team tactics to the expectations and what it takes to be an elite goalie. At each camp, our students receive the MTN Goaltending Guide which is updated yearly with new articles on a wide array of topics; the 2013 edition is well over 300 pages long. The last thing that MTN uses regularly, that other schools do not use in a similar way, is a video analysis to show the goalies how they look according to the pucks perspective as opposed to what the shooter sees. Since we are deeply principled in our stubbornness to only take six goalies in a Top Prospects Camp you will not see many other elite level goalies schools that offer that kind of an experience.

At the grassroots level

Aside from the work with Saskatchewans elite goalies we also have helped to develop the provinces goaltending at the grassroots level. We have been traveling around to various minor hockey associations throughout Saskatchewan where we put on weekend goalie clinics. The weekend clinics are designed to help the goalies, their parents and the minor hockey coaches as well. Over the course of our history we have completed over 75 clinics and camps to rave reviews. It is because of our reputation throughout Saskatchewan with the elite goalies, who are generating a lot of success, and our work with minor hockey associations that we are moving into our third year as the official goaltending consultants for the Saskatchewan Hockey Association. Despite only being in operation for a short time we have seen some incredible successes. It is through a solid instructional foundation and through sticking to our values