The MTN Advantage

At MTN we want to ensure you are receiving the best instruction possible by offering not only low student ratios and small numbers but we ensure that all our instructors are certified by not only our strict standards but meet Hockey Canada’s requirements. To take it a step further to ensure you receive the best training possible, we have created a unique system which we can guarantee the number of Goaltender Specific Repetitions that each goaltender will be required to do at each of our camps.Typical Goaltender Specific Repetitions (GSR)

In order to train at high level we feel it is important to stay in touch with our goaltenders, as we want to ensure we aid each goaltenders journey to success not matter what age or level!

Mind The Net Goaltending understands the importance of individualized, focused goaltender training from Atom up to Pro. Our camps are designed understanding that goaltenders need more than just a low student/instructor ratio to achieve success, but need 300-500 repetitions for each skill to become instinctual. Developing a goaltenders instinctual game is the hall mark of Mind The Net Goaltending instruction. There are no more than five to nine goaltenders on the ice at any MTN Goaltending Camp. In order to develop instinctual movement and responses MTN Goaltending offers each goaltender:

Guaranteed GSR (Goaltender Specific Reps)

Guaranteed GSR* is the minimum number of goaltender specific reps each goaltender can expect to perform per camp they attend. As goaltenders move up through the MTN camps system they are continually building on the number of GSR performed camp to camp, year to year becoming lifelong learners in the art of goaltending.

The Guaranteed GSR for each of our camps is as follows:
(GSR is based on shots/save attempts, movement/recoveries, puckhandling, situational/tactical play)