MTN Goaltending looks at all aspects of the goaltending position. Helping to build the appropriate tools, that when combined with the goaltenders unique physical and mental characteristics, will go towards establishing the goaltenders very own style of play. There are philosophies of play that can be integrated into all styles. However while resources can help guide a style of play it is up to the goaltender to incorporate these philosophies into their own style.

For this reason MTN believes that goaltenders must be self-motivated/developers.

The goaltender must first and foremost have fun! Becoming a better goaltender has many trials and tribulations and it is easier to work hard and improve if the goaltender enjoys what they are doing. If the goaltender does not relish and enjoy the challenge that the position can present, then it is very unlikely that they will have the drive and determination to improve.

As the goaltenders skills improve and they move up the hockey ladder they must learn to not only master the physical skills required but the mental ones as well. Too often the goaltender does not know of the little things that can help them achieve success and chase their dreams. The Top Prospects program will focus on aspects that will help the goaltender move onward and upward, not only in their hockey skills but in their life skills as well.

MTN has experienced the misunderstandings that coaches and parents have about the goaltending position. It is these misunderstandings that constantly challenge the goaltender to question themselves as to if what they are doing is right.

Very seldom does the goaltender have a knowledgeable support system that they can turn to during the hockey season. For this reason MTN will encourage parent and coach participation, both on ice and off, at their weekend minor hockey camps.

MTN confidently feels that they will expose the goaltender to physical and mental skills that can be used to prepare them for success in their primary job in hockey, “KEEPING THE PUCK OUT OF THE NET!”